Named after a woman I never met,
Stories of her now vague recollections
And for a long time
The name held no meaning to me.
Burdened, carrying this weight of insignificance.
Why couldn’t I be a Margret or Lucy?

My name is a whole phonetics class
That nobody signed up for
A dance on everyone’s tongue
Yet no one knew the moves
Dropped on its head every time,
Returned to me broken whenever I introduced myself.

I had always hated it but
I realize now that my name is my anthem
A path leading me to where I am from
There is tradition in my name, a whole family lineage
Carrying histories of my community;
No history book can compete with
A depth no foreign name could possibly carry.
So allow me introduce myself and
Take your lips to syllables your tongue never knew existed.



  1. This is really great🔥
    I especially love the last line. “Take your lips to syllables your tongue never knew existed”. Damnn girl….. I felt that❤

    Liked by 1 person

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